2018 Düsseldorf International Hospital and Medical Equipment Supplies Exhibition

Exhibition time: November 13-16, 2018

Venue: Düsseldorf, Germany

Exhibition cycle: one year

Organizer: Düsseldorf International Exhibition Company

exhibition criteria:

Hospital technical facilities and equipment; medical clinic technology and equipment; ward furniture and equipment; diagnostic and therapeutic equipment; biochemical and testing equipment; medical products; sanitary materials; medical communication technology and equipment; hospital integrated information technology and services; Treatment, electrotherapy, orthopedic surgery, various medicines, surgical supplies, medical textiles, etc.

Exhibition Introduction:

Medica, Düsseldorf International Hospital and Medical Equipment Supplies Fair, is a world-renowned comprehensive medical equipment exhibition, recognized as the world’s largest hospital and medical equipment exhibition, with its irreplaceable scale and influence. The world’s hospital and medical equipment exhibition trade show first.

The exhibition is held annually in Düsseldorf, Germany, and the German Pharmaceutical Raw Materials and Medical Devices Exhibition (COMPAMED) will be held during the same period. It displays a wide range of products and services from outpatient treatment to hospitalization. The products include all the general categories of medical equipment and supplies, as well as medical communication information technology, medical furniture equipment, medical field construction technology, and medical equipment management. More than 200 seminars, lectures, discussions and presentations were held during the exhibition. This exhibition has established a strong dominant position in the medical industry worldwide.

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