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Hospital Cooperation

We have been working in these field for decades years,we cooperate with many medical group, institutions and hospital in Germany,we focus in particular on intensive collaboration between researchers and practitioners,and ensure our customs in the right hands,at the meantime,we also provide 24-hours full services to ensure the whole journey during the treatment here.

Contilia Group

We cooperate with the greatest medical group in Germany-- Contilia group and launch the world's leading medical examination and testing service.   They have dedicated their lives to the care of the sick and those in need of care in many hospitals for More than 170 years ago. Today they have more than 7200 employees work in hospitals, senior citizen facilities, outpatient services, medical centers, prevention, and early detection and rehabilitation facilities.  

Eye treatment and Plastic surgery

we offer patient eye treatments at the highest medical standard and advanced level of technology. The eye hospital provides a broad range of innovative and diagnostic therapies, as well as outpatient eye surgery.

Hospital cooperation project

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