We make brands and people friends.

The skin is the largest organ in the body that provides the outer protective wrapping for all the body parts. It is a waterproof, airtight and flexible barrier between the environment and internal organs. It keeps the internal environment of our body stable. nowadays, fighting the appearance of wrinkles, diminishing the major visible signs of aging, and resisting environmental-induced damages are the mainly precise targets for women in the world.

To be interesting, brands have to understand what real Girlfriends are like: that's why our ideas always give consumers a place to become active themselves. An idea is good for us if it fits into a snap and makes people share brand experiences with their friends, like, share, take selfies, comment, pin, ️, or shop in the news feed.

Creation and performance hand in hand, from a single source: the best idea is of no use if it is not seen. With us, the media team has been sitting around the table with creatives and strategists right from the start.

FHZ is a digital creative agency. We are experts for a generation whose lives are determined by the news feed.

Over 94 talents accompany our customers and their projects in Düsseldorf and Shanghai every day.

From cleaning to skincare, Liftmee® meets intolerable skin. Freezing Girl Time!

Sexy Dusky Lip Balm from Italy. Opening up markets in Asia.

New business

The content is not performing and your classic agency turns "digital first" into "We just upload the TV spot to YouTube"? That would not have happened to us. Therefore we should get to know each other!​