The skin is the largest organ in the body that provides the outer protective wrapping for all the body parts. It is a waterproof, airtight and flexible barrier between the environment and internal organs. It keeps the internal environment of our body stable. nowadays, fighting the appearance of wrinkles, diminishing the major visible signs of aging, and resisting environmental-induced damages are the mainly precise targets for women in the world.


We search for new biological opportunities to target the specific skin-related needs of different skin types and age groups. We focus on our multidisciplinary team of the human, cell, and molecular biologists, immunological, and biochemists and uses our research to find new, active principles that support the skin in its metabolic processes – as naturally as possible.


To achieve this goal, based on the natural science researchers, we cooperated with the oldest lab in Swiss, which has decades’ history to guarantee the premium Swiss quality in all of its processing steps for our Swiss cosmetics.  

By highlighting the Swiss origin of cosmetics we focus on top quality, durability and excellent craftsmanship to our consumers for a unique design for our innovative cosmetics------d’azur